Classification & Compensation

Salisbury University is committed to providing fair and competitive compensation to recruit and retain exceptional and diverse faculty and staff who support the University Community as they work together to achieve the University’s goals and vision.

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for assigning the classification and internal pay ranges for exempt and non-exempt positions. As an institution we are expected to comply with University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents (BOR) policies.

During the review and job analysis process, the goal HR strives for is to determine a position classification that meets USM guidelines and supports equity across the institution.

Exempt Positions

SU exempt position classifications are determined by the USM Job Family and USM Job Code:

SU exempt pay ranges are determined by internal equity across campus as well as the pay grades provided by CUPA Market Data.

Note: CUPA Market Data is comprised of the following.

  1. USM Institution Salaries
  2. Funding Peer Salaries
  3. East Coast Program Salaries
  4. Ipeds Budget Quartile Information
  5. Enrollment Quartile Information

Non-Exempt Positions

SU non-exempt position must match 51% or more of the non-exempt job specifications outlined by the USM:

SU pay ranges for non-exempt positions are determined by the USM salary structure associated with that specification:

It is important to note that many of our non-exempt position restrictions are set by the MOU /administration/administration-and-finance-offices/human-resources/_files/pdfs/NE-MOU-FINAL.pdf