Online Sessions

About Online Sessions

The University Writing Center offers online sessions to students enrolled at satellite sites and in online or hybrid programs who do not come to the Salisbury campus on a regular basis.

The UWC conducts all online sessions using WCOnline, the same software used to make all appointments. This feature in WCOnline allows you and your consultant to see and hear one another (like Skype). It also allows you to look at your draft together at the same time using an upload feature.

How to Make an Appointment

To have an online session, you’ll first need to create an account in WCOnline if you haven’t done so previously. From there, you should schedule your appointment with a consultant who is designated “face-to-face or online” or “online appts. only” under his or her name. If an online consultant is not available at a day or time that works for you, please email the UWC director, Dr. Melissa Bugdal at to schedule a time that fits better.

First, make an account (if you haven’t previously), and log-in using your SU email and WCOnline password.

  1. Find a consultant who has “face-to-face or online” or “online appts. only” written under their name.
  2. Begin scheduling your appointment by clicking on an available time for that consultant (which will show up as a white box).
    *Note: All appointment times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  3. Select “Yes—Schedule Online Appointment” from the drop-down menu for “Meet Online?”
    *Note: You must select this option to enable the online session feature.
  4. Enter information about your paper or project.
  5. Click “Save Appointment” to reserve your online session.

You will receive a confirmation email, and your appointment will show up as a blue box on the day and time you’ve selected.

Steps to Begin Your Online Session

  1. At the day and time of your session, log-in to WCOnline.
  2. Click on your appointment (it will show up as a blue box).
  3. Click “Start or Join Online Consultation,” which can be found under the "Meet Online?" option.
  4. In the new box that opens, click the video camera icon to begin talking with your consultant.
  5. Your consultant will prompt you to import your draft into the online session.

If you encounter any technical difficulties at the start of your session, or for general questions, please call the UWC at (410) 543-6332.