Online Sessions

The UWC conducts all online sessions using WCOnline, the same software used to make in-person appointments. This feature in WCOnline allows you and your consultant to see and hear one another (like Skype). It also allows you to look at your draft together at the same time using an upload feature.

To have an online session, you’ll first need to create an account in WCOnline if you haven’t done so previously.

If you encounter any technical difficulties at the start of your session, or for general questions, please call the UWC at (410) 543-6332.

Commitment to Inclusivity
At the UWC, we are committed to supporting all writers at any stage of the writing process in the way(s) that work best for you as a writer. To that end, we strive to work with you to accommodate your specific writing needs and learning styles. We recognize that writers on our campuses are comprised of, but not limited to: distance/hybrid students, student-athletes, military-connected students, transfer students, students who are writers and speakers of multiple languages, pregnant and parenting students, students who are working while attending school, commuter students, and students who work with other support services such as the Counseling Center, Disability Resource Center, and the Office of Institutional Equity. If any aspect of our online scheduling system, appointment structure, or physical location raises questions for you or presents barriers to your learning, please contact the Director, Dr. Melissa Bugdal by email at, or by phone at (410) 677-3154 or TTY (410) 543-6083, so that we can better support your needs and create a plan tailored to you.