REACH faculty gathering

Get Ethics Resources for Your Community

We offer several services, structured into three tiers:

Tier 1

Free ethics consultation. You let us know about the questions you have, and we’ll provide experienced advice on what you should be thinking about as you proceed. Please email us at to arrange for a free consultation.

Tier 2

Moderated facilitated stakeholder discussions are discussions with representatives of identified stakeholders on a community issue that your organization or group is working through. We will facilitate a dialogue, identify points of ethical convergence, and develop recommendations for moving forward based on common ethical ground.

We offer Ethics workshops. Workshops can be inter- or intra-institutional and are designed for transformative change. Have us create a workshop which is tailored to your needs, or participate in our four-hour workshop “Adherence to Ethical Norms and Accountability.”

Tier 3

Our ethics analysis white papers (with customized recommendations) provide data or research oriented towards your local organizational and policy environment, which can be used to impact policy or to convince a skeptical partner of a way forward around a difficult issue. If we don’t have expertise in the areas you need services in, we will find those experts and connect you. See below for examples of our white papers.

Contact us at for pricing.