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Building the Network

Learn more about the benefits of joining our Community Ethics Network

The Community Ethics Network (CEN) consists of over 300 regional nonprofit or government organizations, small and large for-profit businesses, advocacy and activist groups, faith or religious-based organizations, and individual members in our community who are invested in robust community-based ethical practices.

Benefits of being in our Network include:

  • Regular updates, via our Quarterly newsletter, on REACH activities
  • Priority notification and access to REACH workshops, listening sessions, and other community deliverables created by the REACH team
  • Opportunities for interns during the fall or spring semester
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REACH Newsletter

Salisbury University’s Re-envisioning Ethics Access and Community Humanities (REACH) Initiative: Integrating Community and Curricular Ethics is grant-funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Humanities Connections Program. REACH, led by Co-Directors Michèle Schlehofer, Timothy Stock and Jennifer Nyland, focuses on ethics, ethics literacy and ethics agency through new curricular and co-curricular resources, and connecting with the community.

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