Heat Advisory Issued for July 17

Soaring with Online Learning

Soaring with Online Learning (Soaring) is a multi-week faculty development program to prepare Salisbury University faculty to design, develop and deliver courses in a fully online or hybrid environment through the campus course management system, MyClasses. Faculty apply to the program designating the course they plan to deliver as hybrid or online. Priority is given to courses within one of the following foci:

  • General Education courses
  • Gatekeeper courses to undergraduate academic programs
  • High demand courses
  • Graduate program courses

Faculty will attend a face to face meeting on the first and last day of the program. During the remaining weeks, all activity will be conducted online. Our methodology is to model how an online/hybrid course can be conducted and for each faculty member to experience being an online student. Furthermore, during the program faculty will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with instructional designers in Instructional Design and Delivery (ID&D) to work on their respective courses.

The content of the program is presented in modules, called Light Posts, which have been designed to explore salient information regarding education in an online or hybrid environment. Participating faculty will be focusing on the pedagogy of online/hybrid learning, developing an online/hybrid course based on the Quality Matters standards, building a community of colleagues engaged in online/hybrid education and along the way learning about the capabilities of the course management system, MyClasses @ SU.

Details regarding the different topics covered in the program can be found on the below applications. Each cohort is limited to 12 participants, each receiving a $1500 stipend.

Tentative 2018-2019 Soaring programs:

  • Soaring Cohort for Summer and Fall 2019 Courses
    December 31, 2018 - February 8, 2019 (Details and Application)
    Application Deadline: November 9, 2018

  • Soaring Cohort for Winter and Spring 2020 Courses
    May 21 - June 26, 2019 (Details and Application)
    Application Deadline: April 18, 2019

Contact the Instructional Design & Delivery office if you have questions regarding this program and would like more detail.