Salisbury University students on campus

Henson STEM Outreach Committee

The Committee Role

  • Coordinates, promotes, and explores STEM activities, conducted by the Henson School, that will educate the community, that will promote SU’s STEM brand, and that will attract students to pursue STEM fields of study.
  • Reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Henson Dean regarding resource support of STEM activities.
  • Coordinates with other campus departments such as Career Services, CELL, and Public Relations to organize and promote STEM career fairs and STEM youth programs.

The Committee Composition

The committee currently has twelve voting members: at least one from each of the Henson School departments, elected by their respective departments, and the Library Liaison. The Dean’s Office designee serves as ex officio, non-voting member. The committee elects its chair annually.

Current Committee Members

  • Biological Sciences: Mary Gunther, Jocelyn Bunting, Susanne Daly
  • Chemistry: Joshua Sokoloski, Mindy Howard
  • Geography & Geosciences: Fulbert Namwamba
  • Mathematics: Michael Bardzell, Jathan Austin, Jenn Bergner
  • Computer Science: Andrew Thompson
  • Physics: Nicholas Troup
  • Dean’s Office: Ryan Shifler

Meeting Information

Committee meetings are held upon the committee chair’s request and are typically held in the Henson Dean’s conference room.  For updated meeting information, please contact the committee chair.