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Leading the Way in Teacher Education


Organizations in the Field

The Linguist List - One of the most comprehensive sites in the field.

The Linguistic Society of America - A key site for studies in Sociolinguistic issues as well as other issues in American Linguistics.

The American Association of Applied Linguistics - A key site for resources in TESOL as well as applied linguistics.

TESOL - Professional Organization. A very comprehensive site in issues to do with TESOL.

Grants and Funding

The National Endowment of the Humanities - A very comprehensive site on the latest books in literature etc. for K-12 reading curricula etc. (funding etc.)

Professional Development Sites

Center for Applied Linguistics - A very comprehensive database on current research topics in TESOL.

Eric Digest - A wealth of information on topics related to TESOL with a number of very accessible virtual libraries.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition - Types of programs available for English Language Acquisition.

Useful Information from Web Sites of Professional Linguists

Jack Richards - Dr. Richards is an internationally renowned specialist in second and foreign language teaching, an applied linguist and educator, the author of numerous professional books for English language teachers, and the author of many widely used textbooks for English language students.

University Web Sites With Resources

Intensive English Institute - At the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Bilingualism Database - Hosted by the University of Birmingham.

Electronic TESOL Journals

ESL Focus - Information for ESL.

Internet TESOL Journal - Not affiliated with TESOL Professional Organization.

TESOL Links - A very comprehensive list of TESOL, ESOL and bilingualism links from the journal above.

TESL-EJ - Information for TESL.

Language Learning and Technology - A list of journals for second and foreign language educators.

ELT Journal - Oxford University Press.

American Language Online - Journals of communication and education magazine.

CALL-EJ Online - A list of journals on computer-assisted language learning and related fields.

The English Teaching Forum - U. S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Sites for Statistics

Maryland Census Data for 2010 - Census 2010 Data and Information.

Books and Materials Related to TESOL

International Literacy Association - A membership organization of literacy professionals.

Sites for ESL Teaching for International Students

ESL Directory - Search for ESL programs all over the world.

Scholarship Information for International Students - Search of International education financial aids.

Languages & Dialects

Language Varieties - A site full of informational links about various dialects and languages.

Accent Archive - A site full of information about accents.

Maryland State Standards and Information

Content Areas - A list of journals on computer-assisted language learning and related fields.

Maryland State Department of Education TESOL Certification Requirements -Information about special areas and TESOL program.

AAQEP - Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation.

Maryland Schools by County and Superintendents - A list of Maryland schools.

Materials Development

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