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Application Procedures

(8 Steps)

Deadline: 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 18, 2019

Please read carefully and follow these steps exactly. You should do the first two steps as soon as possible if there's any chance you may apply:


E-mail the administrative coordinator, Bob Hoffman, letting him know your intent to apply as soon as possible. If you would prefer, you may call him at 410-543-6224. If he isn't available, you can leave a recorded message. Please provide the following information in your e-mail or phone message. This information must be COMPLETE:

  1. Full name (first name, full middle name, and last name; if no middle name, please indicate)
  2. Maiden name, or any other previous name that may be on one of your transcripts; if no other name, please state "none."
  3. The county in which you work (not live)
  4. The school in which you work
  5. The subject(s) you currently teach
  6. Work and home phone number*
  7. Mailing address
  8. Your student ID, if you attended (or are attending) or graduated from Salisbury University

*If your home number is set up to receive calls only from designated phone numbers, please include 410-543-6224 for access.


Immediately fill out Salisbury University’s Residency/Domicile Information Form. Print and complete the form, making sure you fill in every block (full tax information, driver's license, registration, etc.) or we will not be able to give you consideration. Please do not leave any blocks blank. (Reason: The Residency Office pre-screens the forms and will reject a form with any missing information, which means we can't put your application package before the board—so please be detailed. Review this form carefully before including it with your package. You have to be pre-approved for residency to be eligible, so we want to have you cleared before you proceed with the remaining steps in the application process.) This form cannot be sent electronically because it must be signed. You can fax it to Mr. Hoffman at 410-543-6255 or scan and email it to him. Follow the link below to the form:

Residency Form (PDF)


Contact the Registrar of every college you have attended (even if you only took one course, and even if that course was transferred and is already on another transcript) and have them send official transcripts in a sealed envelope to the following address:

English Department
TARGET Program—Transcripts
Salisbury University
1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, Maryland 21801-6860


Also, have the Registrar of each college send you an unofficial copy of your transcripts. You will need these unofficial copies to complete your application (see later steps).

Important Note! We must have your official transcripts by October 18, so if you're even remotely considering the possibility of applying, we recommend that you order the transcripts as soon as possible. If you don't apply, we'll hold your transcripts in case you decide to in the future. If you haven’t ordered your transcripts by October 9, 2019, ask these institutions to expedite your request. Let them know the deadline you have to meet.Remember, we need transcripts from every college/university you've attended, even if you only took one course and credit is reflected on another university’s transcripts. There is one exception: If you previously took courses at Salisbury University and had transcripts sent here as part of the application process, you don't need to obtain those transcripts again. In that case, email Bob Hoffman or call him at 410-543-6224 to request the SU transcript for your application package. Have your student ID available--it doesn't change. (This is a procedural change effective October 8, 2014.) Again, you do not need to order Salisbury University transcripts or any other university's transcripts that would be reflected on your Salisbury University transcript. However, we would need transcripts from any colleges/universities you attended after Salisbury University.


Print and fill out Salisbury University’s Application for Graduate Admissions form: Print each of these forms and fill them out. This form cannot be sent electronically because it must be signed.

Special Instructions:

  1. Do not send in the “$45 nonrefundable application fee.” Follow the link below to the form.
  2. Important: Do NOT check the term block at the top of the page ("Begin at SU"). Again, do NOT check this block. If you check this block, we will NOT accept this form and you will have to complete a new one.
  3. Check the block for M.A. in English, TESOL track, even if you don’t plan on finishing this degree program. Don’t check the TESOL certificate option, although you will receive this certificate if you complete ACCESS (the spring sessions). If you're already in a different graduate degree program, contact Mr. Hoffman (410-543-6224) for instructions.

Graduate Application (PDF)


Fill out the English Department Graduate Admission Form, even if you don’t plan on finishing the degree program. Disregard the teaching assistantship option (not offered under this program) and instructions concerning documents to submit (the required documents for our program are listed in Step 4 below). Again, do not send in the application fee. Follow this link to the form:

M.A. in English Application (PDF)

Note: If selected, we will submit these application forms for formal admission. If you are not selected by the board, we will keep these documents on file. If you decide to apply to a traditional program, we will forward your documents to the appropriate office at your request.


Fill out the TARGET Compendium Form, indicating which session(s) you are applying for.

Target Compendium Form (DOC)


Gather the following documents:

  1. A résumé outlining teaching experience and other relevant academic and professional backgrounds.
  2. An unofficial copy of your transcripts. (All official transcripts should have been mailed separately according to the instructions in Step 1.)
  3. A copy of your Maryland teaching certificate/provisional teaching certificate.
  4. Copies of your Praxis scores (first two parts of the core battery of the Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers). If you took the GTE instead of the Praxis, include those scores. If you haven’t taken the Praxis, include a statement specifying dates when you intend to take the Praxis.
  5. A detailed letter of intent demonstrating the extent to which you are a/an:
    1. Educational innovator (give examples from your professional life to support your creativity as a teacher).
    2. Self-motivated, autodidactic practitioner of education (give detailed examples from your professional life to demonstrate this).
    3. Self-directed learner (explain your willingness to create an individualized learning plan to address the specific needs and concerns of the limited English proficient (LEP) population in your school/county).
    4. Advocate (comment on your willingness to serve as an advocate for ESOL student populations. Give support for this).
    5. Committed scholar (explain your capability of participating in an intensive program of study as well as your commitment towards completing a highly competitive graduate program).
  6. Two detailed letters of recommendation using the Department Form:
    1. One from a school official (principal, vice-principal, content area supervisor, etc.) testifying to your teaching potential and classroom experience.
    2. One from an individual qualified to judge your motivation, professionalism and ability to engage in sustained graduate study.

Note: Please try to have your recommenders include detailed comments. IMPORTANT: If they mail their recommendations directly to us, make sure they use the address listed below (English Department--TARGET). They should not address the envelope as it instructs in the last block of the form. We're a special program, so the recommendation forms should go to the TARGET Administrative Coordinator, not the English Graduate Director or any other SU office.

Note: Please keep the documents separate. Don't staple the entire package together. Don't place the items in document protectors. Don't put in a binder. Include all required documents in an envelope or folder, unattached.


Gather documents as follows (follow instructions closely):

  1. Double-check to make sure that your application package contains all of the following documents in this checklist, as explained in more detail in Steps 2 - 7. Do not mail application packages until you have obtained all of these documents:
    1. Application for Graduate Admission
    2. M.A. in English Application
    3. Residency/Domicile Form
    4. Course Compendium Form
    5. Résumé
    6. Detailed letter of intent
    7. Copy of Maryland Teaching Certificate
    8. Copies of Praxis or GTE scores (or statement of explanation, if not obtainable)
    9. Two detailed letters of recommendation (school official’s letter and support of graduate work—see Step 7 above)
    10. Unofficial copy of transcripts from all institutions previously attended (see Step 1 for sending official transcripts)

    Important: If any of the above documents is impossible to obtain, include a complete, separate explanation statement in your application package.

  2. Place all of the above documents in an envelope and mail to the following address to be received no later than October 18, 2019:

English Department—TARGET
Salisbury University
1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, Maryland 21801-6860

If you prefer to hand carry your application package to Salisbury University, please bring the entire package to the East Campus Complex (formerly known as the Power Professional Building), Room 231. Call Bob Hoffman, the TARGET Administrative Coordinator, in advance to ensure he will be available to receive the package (he works alone in the office most of the time): 410-543-6224.

Directions for finding the TARGET office:

Heading South on Rt. 13:

  1. Drive by Salisbury University on your right. You'll come to a light, which is Bateman Street.
  2. Turn left on Bateman.
  3. Take the next right onto Wayne Street (just past the parking garage).
  4. Turn left on Power Street, then enter the parking lot on your right.
  5. Enter the building through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Mr. Hoffman is in room 231.

Heading North on Rt. 13:

  1. Just before you get to the university, turn right onto Milford Street. (If you miss this turn, look for Bateman Street at the light, turn right and follow the last three steps above.)
  2. Take the next left onto Wayne Street (between Salisbury University Fitness and the Delmarva Beauty Academy).
  3. Turn right on Power Street, then enter the parking lot on your right.
  4. Enter the building through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Mr. Hoffman is in room 231.

FINAL, VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Send ALL documents to the above address, regardless of any instructions listed on individual forms or anywhere else on the Salisbury University website. Please do NOT send your package or any individual documents to Admissions, the Registrar, or the English Graduate Director. Following the above directions exactly will ensure that your package receives proper consideration.


  1. A screening board will meet after the deadline to review applications and select finalists.
  2. The selection board will conduct oral interviews with finalists shortly thereafter.
  3. The board will select candidates. All selected candidates will be contacted individually at some point before the session begins.
  4. Selected candidates will sign a contractual statement which will include the following:
    1. The candidate is required to serve his/her school or county for a minimum of one academic year after completing all compendium courses or refund all tuition and training expenses.
    2. The candidate is required to submit a report as to how his/her school or county has attempted to implement the No Child Left Behind Act as it relates to LEP students. The TARGET Project Director will provide full details on how to submit this report. Failure to turn in this report by March 31, 2020, will require a refund of all tuition and training expenses.
    3. The candidate will agree to complete all courses in his or her compendium or refund all tuition and training expenses.
  5. Selected candidates will be required to attend an orientation session (one or more dates will be announced).

Please direct any questions about application procedures or the TARGET Program in general to Bob Hoffman, TARGET Administrative Coordinator, at (410) 543-6224.

The TARGET program is fully funded by the United States Department of Education: Office of English Language Acquisition, under Project #T365Z160021. The opinions expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of any office of the Department of Education.