This section of the compendium contains academic and professional conferences which are relevant to civic engagement in higher education. This list is an ongoing project and as new conferences emerge or as PACE becomes aware of additional conferences, they will be added to this resource.

American Educational Research Association Meeting
Held alongside John Dewey Society Conference
Frequency: Annual
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Washington, DC: “Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies”
2015, Chicago: “Toward Justice: Culture, Language, and Heritage in Education Research and Praxis”
2014, Philadelphia: “The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy”

Comparative and International Education Society Conference
Fee(s): $275 CIES member, $385 non-CIES member
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Vancouver: “Sixty Years of Comparative and International Education: Taking Stock and Looking Forward”
2015, Washington, DC: “Ubuntu! Imagining a Humanist Education Globally”
2014, Toronto: “Revisioning Education for All”

Conference on Volunteering and Service
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $575 Points of Light members, $400-700 non-members (lower rate for AmeriCorps)
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Detroit
2015, Houston
2014, Atlanta

Frontiers of Democracy Conference
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $254.19 general admission, $120 students
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Boston
2015, Boston

Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $325 general, $185 student
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Savannah
2015, Little Rock: “Building Bridges Between Education and Engagement”
2014, Auburn: “Creating Capacity Collaboratively: Connecting Learning and Civic Outcomes”

Imagining America Conference
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $225-475 faculty and staff, $50-125 student
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Milwaukee: “At a Crossroads”
2015, Baltimore: “America Will Be! The Art and Power of ‘Weaving Our We’”
2014, Atlanta: “Organizing. Culture. Change.”

IMPACT National Conference
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $220 general
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Amherst
2015, Los Angeles
2014, Valparaiso

Int'l Association for Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement Conference
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $425 early bird, $475 regular, $350 students
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, New Orleans: "Reaffirming Our Purpose, Bridging Our Understandings & Broadening Our Collective Impact"
2015, Boston: "Tradition Meets Innovation"
2014, New Orleans: "Reaping What We Sow: Growing a Culture of Community Engagement"

John Dewey Society Conference
Held alongside America Educational Research Association Meeting
Frequency: Annual
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Washington, DC
2015, Chicago
2014, Philadelphia

National Conference on Citizenship
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $150 general admission, $75 students
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Washington, DC: "Strengthening America's Civic Health"
2015, Washington, DC: "Civic Innovations in Action"
2014, Washington, DC

National Service-Learning Conference
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $300-475 youth, $375-600, adult
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Minneapolis: “Educate. Ignite. Transform.”
2015, Washington, DC: “More Powerful Together”
2014, Washington, DC: “Monumental”

Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Conference of the MDCCC
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $50 faculty and staff, $20 students
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Rockville: "Stronger Together"
2015, Washington, DC: "Community-Based Learning: Connect, Create, Reflect"
2014, Baltimore: "Putting Our Passion to Work"

William & Mary Active Citizens Conference
Frequency: Annual
Fee(s): $125 faculty and staff
Past Locations & Themes:
2016, Williamsburg: "What If?"
2015, Williamsburg: "Educating, Uniting, & Inspiring Active Citizens"
2014, Williamsburg