Academic Journals

Journal List

This list contains over 30 academic journals which have content relating to civic engagement topics. This is not an exhaustive list but it aims to include the most prominent and relevant publications. Also included in this list are links to submission guidelines for each journal, so to help guide you in the process of publishing your research.

Utilize this searchable Excel list for complete information regarding each journal.

The following is a simplified list of the journals contained within the Excel database:

Research Tips

When using an academic database to research civic engagement topics, there are some database-specific keywords which are most helpful to those searches. There are three major databases for content relating to civic engagement: Academic Search Complete, ERIC, and WorldCat (SU Library).

Academic Search Complete:

  • Civic improvement
  • Civil service -- Study & teaching
  • Community development
  • Community involvement
  • Democracy & education
  • Experiential learning
  • Higher education
  • Higher education -- Social aspects
  • Service learning
  • Social advocacy
  • Social change
  • Social justice
  • Social participation
  • Social services -- Citizen participation
  • Student volunteers in social services
  • Volunteer service


  • Citizen participation
  • Citizenship
  • Citizenship education
  • Civics
  • Community development
  • Democracy
  • Higher education
  • Partnerships in education
  • School community relationship
  • Service learning
  • Social justice
  • Student attitudes

WorldCat (SU Library):

  • Citizenship
  • Civics - Study and teaching (Higher)
  • Civil society
  • Democracy and education
  • Education and state
  • Education, higher - Political aspects
  • Education, higher - Social aspects
  • Political participation
  • Political science - Civics & Citizenship
  • Service learning
  • Young volunteers
  • Youth - Political activity