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Department of Communication

Named one of The Princeton Review’s “Great Schools for Communication Majors,” SU’s Department of Communication is dedicated to providing you with first-hand experience in the ever-increasing global communications market.

Our students are trained in face-to-face communication, facilitating decision making and problem-solving in their personal and professional lives. Communication students achieve competency in any of several career fields related to communication, undertaking concentrated study in one of the departments programs. They further study intercultural communication, international media, and organizational communication.

The department fosters students’ abilities to think reasonably and communicate intelligently and creatively. Through its radio and television productions, writing, sponsorship of forums, study abroad programs, practicums and internships, the Department of Communication enriches the quality of community life.

Meet the Communication Department faculty and staff.

Our Academic Programs

The Department of Communication offers a program leading to the Bachelor of Arts in communication with concentrations of study designed to provide students with a solid liberal arts foundation while preparing them for an eclectic variety of career opportunities.

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I have always emphasized the importance of cross-cultural knowledge, especially in today’s global economy, and have become a champion of cross-cultural exchange.
Dr. Andrew Sharma Communication Department Faculty & Fulbright Scholar
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Meet Rachael – Communication Major

Find out how Rachael has gained hands-on experience in public relations through her passion for communications.

Benefits of a Communication Education

Communication students acquire the knowledge and experience needed for decision-making and problem-solving in their personal and professional lives. Educational goals for students include:

  • Becoming intellectually aware of the social significance of communication, developing the communication skills necessary for their roles, and being better able to acquire, use and communicate knowledge;
  • Learning to recognize problems of communication and develop skills in solving them through critical examination;
  • Achieving competency in any of several career fields related to communication;
  • Undertaking concentrated study in one of the department's programs; and
  • Experiencing through the study of intercultural communication, international media, organizational communication and public relations.

Careers in Communication

Each communication concentration uniquely prepares students for valuable careers and/or graduate study.

Student Information and Resources

  • 4 Emmy Award-Winning Alumni
  • 5 Concentrations
  • 18 Thousand+ Sq. Ft. in Integrated Media