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Create Your Own Buzz

Communication Major

What’s the buzz? When you major in communication, you’ll receive a top-notch education to prepare for a successful career in advertising and public relations, or in broadcast, online or print journalism. You’ll not only learn how to report what’s buzz-worthy, but also how to create some buzz of your own and target the right audiences with the right messages!

Why Choose a Communication Major at Salisbury University?

As a major in communication, you’ll gain diverse experience in your choice of many career fields with opportunities to greatly expand your horizons.

There’s a greater world of communication beyond our borders. With the guidance of SU, you could gain worldly experience important to your craft. Study with our Global Experiences Internship program that places students in such locations as Italy, Spain, Ireland and the U.K.

Student groups at SU help you network and apply what you learn outside of the classroom, including a national communications honor society. A vast selection of internships also awaits eligible students. Recent students have completed internships at sites including:

  • Aflac
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Walt Disney World
  • Washington Capitals
  • Washington Center
  • WNBA

Communication Major Concentrations

At SU, students may complete the communication major in one of five unique ways to express their thoughts and views.

Meet Rachael - Communication Major Video still

Meet Rachael – Communication Major

Find out how Rachael has gained hands-on experience in public relations through her passion for communications.

Careers for Communication Majors

What jobs can you get with a degree in communication? Just about anything! A great communicator makes a great employee. Five career concentrations in our Communication Program prepare you for an exciting career or graduate studies.

Communication Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty are active scholars in their fields. Professors encourage students to explore their interests and share their research at local and national conferences.

Meet Your Communication Faculty:
Vinita Agarwal

Vinita Agarwal Headshot

Dr. Vinita Agarwal specializes in patient-provider communication and integrative medicine, and has traveled to India for her sponsored research. Her work has been published in major international peer-reviewed journals in communication and health research, and she has received top paper awards and presented more than 50 competitively selected conference papers. She is the author of numerous books and is trained in Vipassana meditation and Ayurveda. She seeks to integrate the goals of her reflection into her research and mentoring at SU.

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