Salisbury University students on campus

Experiential Opportunities in the Marketing Department

The marketing department believes that learning happens both inside and outside the classroom. With that view the department in collaboration with the Mid – Atlantic Sales & Marketing Institute (MASMI) offers a large number of experiential activities to students in marketing classes.  The list below provides a small snapshot of what students can expect in these experiential activities. This is not an exhaustive list as individual classes can and do provide much more hands on experiences to our students. 

MASMI Advertising Challenge – Print Competition

The Advertising Challenge provides students with an opportunity to showcase their creative talents. Students in the Consumer Behavior class create a print advertisement for a featured business and showcase their posters to a panel of judges. Finalists are invited to “pitch” their motivation and justification for their design decisions to a panel of industry professionals. In addition to students’ ability to demonstrate their creative abilities, the event contains a networking luncheon to help students identify internship and employment opportunities.

MASMI Ad Challenge – Video Competition

Students in the Content Creation and Inbound Marketing class develop a short video advertisement for a featured business. In class, students work with raw video footage provided by the business to create a compelling advertisement to induce action. Judges assess students’ creative work in terms of the storytelling and overall impact the video makes on the end consumer. Finalists are invited to “pitch” their Big Idea and rationale in creating the video to a panel of industry professionals during the event. Students develop strong skills working with the video editing platforms, gain deeper understanding of persuasive advertising, and network with recruiters invited to judge the competition entries.

MASMI Sales Championship

Students across multiple sections of Professional Selling participate in a scenario-based role-play competition. Industry professionals act as buyers and judges, so students receive realistic role-play experience and feedback on their performance. This is a realistic experiential activity that can help students to become more confident about their communication and business skills. Winning students get a chance to join the MASMI Ambassador program and also win cash prizes.

Preparing for the MASMI Sales Competition developed my selling skills and was a great learning experience. After placing 2nd, I was invited to tryout for the MASMI Sales team and multiple companies contacted me. It was an incredible opportunity for me and it changed my life!
Jenna Hahn Class of 2022

MASMI Etiquette Dinner

Students are invited to a formal 3-course dinner and reception (with mocktails) where they have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and learn formal dining etiquette.

MASMI 1-Day internship

This experiential activity allows students to spend a full day shadowing a business development representative or manager in a local company. Students get to select the host company, giving them the opportunity to learn more about companies or industries of interest. These relationships can later turn into a full-time internship or job.

Our First Job Search “Live” Project

Content Creation and Inbound Marketing class is setup to replicate the environment of a marketing agency. Students learn how to create and manage a website (ourfirstjobsearch.job), improve search engine optimization, manage social media accounts, practice email marketing, and run marketing campaigns to attract new leads and increase traffic flow to the website. They also learn how to analyze metrics to determine the success of their marketing efforts.