Salisbury University students on campus

Test Your Knowledge

Now that you have reviewed Salisbury University’s emergency procedures, let’s test your knowledge.  Please answer the following questions.  

True or False:  

  1. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted in the area of the campus.
     ·  True   ·  False
  2. There are two waves of emergency alerts.  They are the initial alert or first wave and the update or second wave.  
     ·  True   ·  False
  3. An armed intruder means that one or more persons are armed with weapons on or in the immediate area of the campus.  
     ·  True   ·  False
  4. If there is an event that requires the immediate evacuation of the entire campus, you will be permitted 5 minutes to finish whatever you are doing before evacuating.  
     ·  True   ·  False
  5. The Emergency Alert System includes the following:  siren and paging system, emergency mass notification system, Campus TV Channel 24, and emergency email notification.  
     ·  True   ·  False
  6. Key individuals have been trained to share emergency alert information with specific areas of their respective buildings.  
     ·  True   ·  False
  7. Questions concerning the emergency response capabilities should be directed to the University Police Chief.  
     ·  True   ·  False

Choose One:  

8.  When witnessing an event that you consider an emergency, you should  do the following: 

a) call home
b) call University Police after class
c) inform your professor
d) dial 9-1-1