Salisbury University students on campus

Emergency Shelters

Mass Care and Shelter

This will explain processes and procedures needed for mass care of students and emergency personnel, if there is a need for them to stay on campus for an extended period of time. This will address shelter-in-place procedures and emergency personnel care and placement during an emergency.

Shelter In-Place: All Areas

When faced with severe weather conditions such as tornados or hurricanes, designated areas within campus buildings or residence halls provide protection from the effects of high winds and flying debris. Moving personnel to these protected interior areas is referred to “shelter in-place.” Generally, these areas are: away from windows, away from glass doors, are interior rooms (or closets) without windows, and are at the lowest possible level within a structure. When notified by Residence Life staff or other authority to shelter in-place, seek shelter immediately within the nearest building and await further instruction regarding the pending danger. Do not venture out to determine if the tornado or hurricane conditions have subsided—designated staff will alert you that conditions have improved or are all clear.