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Latin Cinema Lecture Concludes 'Mind Shrapnel' Series April 30

SALISBURY, MD---What does it mean when a perpetually struggling international regional cinema trumps Hollywood to become the darling of a global audience?

Dr. Brian Stiegler, modern foreign languages and international education faculty at Salisbury University, speaks on Latin American film industry’s ability to maintain an independent artistic vision in the midst of Hollywood’s international domination during the final installment of the Bellavance Honors Program’s spring 2008 “Mind Shrapnel ’n’ Cookies” lecture series 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 30, in the SU Honors House.

The topic of his talk is “Contemporary Latin American Film: Continuity and Rupture (Or, How Sexy is Gael García Bernal?).”

Gael García Bernal is a global celebrity thanks to his leading man performances in blockbuster hits such as Y tu mama tambien and Motorcycle Diaries. Salma Hayek has also become a sexy household name in the USA, but only after starting her career in less commercially successful Mexican films.

“Is the world audience finally coming to its senses and appreciating a new flavor in filmmaking from an unexpected source or has the Latin American film industry abandoned its search for independent artistic vision in order to feast at the banquet of Hollywood glitter and stardom? Is Gael García Bernal really that sexy or does he embody the artistic portrayal of a different artistic vision in film?” Stiegler asked.

Admission is free and the public is invited. For more information call 410-677-5070 or visit the SU Web site at