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Dr. Egan writes textbook ancillaries

SALISBURY, MD ---Dr. Chrys Egan, an assistant professor in the Communication and Theatre Arts Department at Salisbury University, has written four textbook ancillaries that are due out by the end of the year.

Her book Communication Research and Instructor's Manual and Test Bank accompanies Communication Research by D.W. Stacks and J.E. Hocking and has a December publication date. She is the author of St. Martin's Guide to Public Speaking Student Workbook and St. Martin's Guide to Public Speaking Test Bank. She is co-author of the St. Martin's Guide to Public Speaking Instructor's Manual. All have a November publication date.

Additionally, Egan's review of C.J. Hamelink's The Ethics of Cyberspace (Sage, 2000) will appear in an upcoming issue of the Southern Communication Journal. Her article, "(Un)Ethical Actions: Activities on Deceptive Personal Acts, Advertisements and Speeches," which is based on the teaching demonstration she did for her SU job interview last spring, appears in the September edition of the Iowa Journal of Communication. Her article, "The Chilling Effect on Dissension Speech on America's Campuses after September 11," appears in an upcoming issue of Free Speech Yearbook.

She will also be presenting academic papers and chairing panels at two conferences this fall: the National Communication Association in New Orleans, LA, and the Popular Culture Association in the South in Charlotte, NC. She co-presents the paper, "My Professors Wear Leather in Their Punk Band: A look through the Johari Window at Discordant Self Identities, with her husband John Egan, a new adjunct professor in biology at SU. The paper examines being both professor and alternative musicians.

Egan received her Doctorate of Philosophy in mass communications from Florida State University, her M.A. in communication theory and research from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and her B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She comes to SU from the University of Georgia where she was an Honors Fellow and instructor in the departments of Speech Communication and English.