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"SU in Scotland" study abroad students

SU Elevates Partnership with University of Stirling, Scotland

By SU Public Relations

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University has taken its partnership with the University of Stirling, Scotland, to a new level.

For the first time, SU students were able to take multiple courses taught by Salisbury faculty at Stirling during the winter 2024 term, allowing them to continue their SU education while exploring a different country.

SU leased an entire residence hall in historic downtown Stirling, just steps from the famous Stirling Castle and overlooking the River Forth. Faculty from SU’s Charles R. and Martha N. Fulton School of Liberal Arts and Franklin P. Perdue School of Business taught three different courses through the program. SU’s Samuel W. and Marilyn C. Seidel School of Education added a faculty member who managed out-of-classroom experiential learning opportunities for all students.

“The opportunity to enhance the regular curriculum taught in the classroom with high-impact field experiences has made my course in mythology a very rich teaching and learning experience,” said Dr. Ryan Habermeyer, associate professor of English, teaching his first course abroad.

In addition to studying during the mornings at the University of Stirling, SU students had two weekend-long excursions included in Glasgow and Edinburgh. They toured Stirling Castle and the national monument to Scottish hero William Wallace.

In addition, the students explored the history of old Stirling and the infamous Stirling jail, hosted by the “ghost” of a 17th-century hangman, and learned about the chemistry and culture behind the distilling of Scottish Whiskey. They also met with the CEO of the largest chain of youth hostels in Scotland, Hosteling Scotland, and learned about the business of tourism.

Dr. David Phillips, SU associate professor of education, organized these experiential learning courses for the “SU in Scotland” cohort.

“The discussion videos that the students submitted [reflecting on their global learning both inside and outside the classroom] are a beautiful evidence of the power of study abroad as a high-impact learning experience,” he said.

Senior accounting major Julie Gravenor, of Salisbury, took a course in international accounting with Julie Gittelman of SU’s Management Department.

“I’m really glad I decided to come to Stirling,” said Gravenor. “It’s a small town, but with plenty to do. I’ve enjoyed being on campus at the University of Stirling. It feels like Salisbury University, but away from home, across the pond.”

As the winter term students departed at the end of January for their spring semester in Salisbury, new SU students arrived in Stirling for their spring semester in Scotland, continuing the year-round academic engagement with the University of Stirling.

“University of Stirling has been delighted to host this wonderful group of American students and their professors,” said Jo Hagerty, head of international mobility at the University of Stirling. “We look forward to welcoming the new Salisbury University students for the spring term and more during summer term.”

SU has offered study abroad programming in Scotland since 2009, with a communication course through the Fulton School continuing annually during winter term, except for interruptions forced by COVID-19 from 2021-22. During that time, hundreds of SU students have studied with SU communication faculty in Scotland.

The History Department added a new dimension to SU’s academic engagement with Scotland in 2012 by leading the University to a bilateral partnership with the University of Stirling. In summer 2022, SU’s Franklin P. Perdue School of Business offered the first SU business course taught at the University of Stirling.

Dozens of SU students have studied abroad for full semesters in the past 15 years, and dozens more Scottish students in a variety of disciplines have studied abroad for full semesters in Salisbury, experiencing the U.S. for the first time in the same way SU students have explored Scotland.

For more information about study abroad opportunities through SU, visit the University's Janet Dudley-Eshbach Center for International Education webpage.

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