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Matt Conley
Matt Conley, University Dining Services catering chef, displays a selection of his American Culinary Federation medals.

SU's Conley Again Medals at American Culinary Federation Competition

SALISBURY, MD---Matt Conley, catering chef in Salisbury University’s Dining Services, has again medaled in an American Culinary Federation competition, bringing home a silver award.

The event was held during the 29th annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference in Amherst, MA, at which chefs in higher education gathered to learn new methods, trends, training and best practices.

“Notable topics included discussions on climate change and the effects it has on the food supply; what Gen Z wants to see in food; healthy, mindful eating; sustainability; and plant proteins,” said Conley, noting that his favorite dishes at the event were fresh seaweed pasta and red tea tofu tarts.

Working with colleagues from other institutions in attendance at the competition, Conley created an appetizer (sweet potato gnocchi in a brown butter sauce), entrée (spicy seared pork tenderloin with a peanut romesco sauce) and dessert (peach tofu tart) for four, as well as a buffet-style meal for 10 featuring power-blend perch. The team was judged on teamwork, presentation, nutritional balance, creativity, flavor, texture and service.

Teams used a “mystery basket” of items to create their recipes. They had only one hour to choose their dishes and create their menus.

The competition was the culminating event for the conference. This marked Conley’s 13th medal in 16 years at the competition.

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