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SU's Kim Curates Asian Pacific American Art Exhibition

SU's Kim Curates Asian Pacific American Art Exhibition

SALISBURY, MD---Artists celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month come together in an Art League of Ocean City exhibition curated by Jinchul Kim, Salisbury University professor of art.

The display is May 5-27, at the Center for Arts in Ocean City.

“We left our home countries for the freedom of speech, to find equal opportunity and, most importantly, for our children's better lives,” said Kim. “In art, we brought our culture with dignifying identity and creative integrity through art transcending time and places. 

“We envision our work as an emblematic mission connecting two dialectics between ancient and modern, East and West. Astonishing linear marks from Japanese woodcuts inspired Vincent Van Gogh's modern work, and Chinese calligraphy was the key to unlocking Brice Marden's contemporary paintings. Our work offers a widening human experience and spreads diversity allowing the universality of art to link us all.”

Kim’s work will be displayed as part of the exhibition, along with 15 other artists from the University of Maryland and across the country, from Georgetown University to Long Beach City College. Art by former Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan also will be featured. A reception is 5-7 p.m. Friday, May 5.

Admission to the exhibition and the reception is free, and the public is invited. For more information, view the exhibition catalog.

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