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SU Introduces Fully Online Ed.D. Program in Literacy Studies

SU Introduces Fully Online Ed.D. Program in Literacy Studies

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University’s Samuel W. and Marilyn C. Seidel School of Education for years has been a place where educators hone their craft and prepare to mold the leaders of tomorrow.

The path becomes more convenient and more accessible in fall 2023, when SU offers its first fully online Ed.D. program in Literacy Studies.

The Seidel School has been granting doctorates in education since 2018, providing students with a strong core in literacy, theory, research and practice. Its aim is to cultivate scholarly and reflective practitioners who are prepared to promote culturally-responsive, effective literacy learning across diverse contexts. 

“We are so proud of the graduates who have come through the Ed.D. program in the past five years, and we wanted to find a way to reach more educators,” said Dr. Laurie Henry, dean of the Seidel School. “We have seen our graduates make an incredible impact in our region, and this new initiative will allow them to have an even larger reach throughout the U.S. and beyond.” 

SU is known for its close connection between students and faculty mentors, and that does not change in the online Ed.D. program, which features a strong research- and literacy-based mentoring component.

The new model includes online synchronous weekly meetings and a continuation of the current cohort model in the Ed.D. program, but with the virtual component making the degree attainable for those already working in the field to balance their work and advanced education. The program will have all the same advantages of in-person courses, with regularly scheduled class times and the entire cohort interacting with their colleagues and faculty in real-time. Course sessions and advising meetings will take place in a virtual space to not limit those interested in pursuing a doctorate to the physical campus location.

“We are committed to increasing our offering in advanced degree programs at SU,” said Dr. Clifton Griffin, dean of graduate studies and research. “We believe that we will not only see candidates for the program from around the country, but that there is evidence of a growing applicant pool for graduate studies internationally. We are excited about the possibility of expanding SU’s footprint in the graduate education field around the world.”

Ed.D. program candidates may complete their doctorate in four years, which includes three years of course work and a year working on their dissertation. The degree will allow graduates to pursue leadership positions in curriculum, teacher education and higher education. Alumni from the program currently hold positions as faculty at four-year institutions like Mercer University and Augusta University, as local school administration and as local public school teachers.

For more information on the Seidel School’s Ed.D. opportunities, visit the program webpage.

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