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TRIO Helps Joshua Explore His Potential at SU

By SU Integrated Marketing

SALISBURY, MD---Joshua Adewumi is a man of many talents. His experiences at Salisbury University have given him new perspectives and helped him explore his potential for his future.

As a first-generation college student, many aspects of the college experience can be overwhelming, from exams to time management and study skills. However, access to financial and academic resources through SU’s TRIO Student Support Services program has helped Adewumi make the most of his education.

“I always wanted to grow my education and take it as far as I can,” Adewumi said. “If I didn’t have these resources, I don’t think I would be able to graduate. College can be very stressful. I think you need those tools and connections to really help you focus.”

Alongside his studies as an exercise science major, Adewumi has also had the opportunity to pursue his passions for both football and playing the saxophone. This was especially important to him, as he wanted the flexibility and support to be able to do everything he loves, without sacrificing one thing or the other. Luckily, his coaches and faculty at SU have encouraged him to get involved in everything that interests him and build a future with many doors open to him.

“Getting to know different kinds of people and making new connections at SU has helped me be a more balanced person,” Adewumi said. “My experiences here have shaped me as a person because I can do what gives me joy and influence others in a positive way, too.”

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