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SU Expands Biological Sciences Offerings with New Tracks

Biology student in lab viewing microscopeSALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University announces a major leap forward in their biology curriculum, bringing cutting edge programs to Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to the existing biology/environmental science dual degree and secondary education, students now may choose between the newly added general, biomedical, biotechnology and environmental tracks. 

“Biological sciences is a vast and complex area of study that garners interest for a variety of careers and advanced degrees,” said Dr. Michael Scott, dean of SU’s Henson School of Science and Technology. “It’s important to give students the ability to select a focus that has the largest number of related courses to the topics that align with their goals, and these new tracks provide that.” 

General biology courses provide a broad understanding of biology at the molecular, cellular, organismic and population levels, with a focus on developing knowledge and skills that are important for biologists in the 21st century. 

The environmental biology track will prepare students for jobs and advanced degrees in areas such as conservation biology, ecology, organismal biology and earth science. 

Students in the biomedical science track will learn fundamental concepts, competencies and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in medically-related careers or biomedical research. 

Students in the biotechnology track will gain practical, hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies involving bioinformatics, genetic engineering and genomics. 

Students will retain the opportunity to focus on biology broadly with the general biology track, learn to become biology teachers with the secondary education track, or leverage their time into two degrees in biology and environmental science through the partnership with University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Students interested in the new tracks may enroll beginning fall 2021. 

For more information visit the SU Biological Sciences website.