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SU's Koko Releases New Book on 'Cultures and Conflicts'

Dr. Jacques Koko
Dr. Jacques Koko

SALISBURY, MD---In 2018, Dr. Jacques Koko, associate professor in Salisbury University’s Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Department, introduced readers to Suru, a fictional character personifying the transformative potential of self-examination in the book Facing Existential Contradictions.

In his new book, Mindful of Cultures and Conflicts, Koko brings to life more characters to demonstrate how the mindfulness of cultural diversity launches awareness of other cultures.

“Cultural open-mindedness helps transcend the barriers of cultural close-mindedness, and it predisposes one to conflict prevention, conflict transformation and peacemaking,” he said. “It uplifts the self by awakening positive attitudes that nurture the spirit of cultural relativism and multiculturalism.”

Such a mindset is an important component of conflict resolution and mediation, Koko said.

“Cultural relativism challenges the notion of cultural universalism as a utopia or as a myth,” he added. “It is uplifting because it shies away from xenophobic attitudes. The acceptance of cultural relativism fosters multiculturalism.”

The book is available online via Amazon and directly from its publisher, Balboa Press.

For more information call 410-543-6030 or visit the SU website.