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SU's Koko Publishes New Book on Transformation Through Self-Examination

Dr. Jacques KokoSALISBURY, MD---What’s the key to happiness? Just ask Suru.

Better yet, ask Suru’s creator, Dr. Jacques Koko, associate professor in Salisbury University’s Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Department.

Koko is the author of the recently released book Facing Existential Contradictions: Self-Examination as a Tool for Peace and Happiness. The guide follows a fictional character, Suru, as he discovers the transformative potential of self-examination.

“Every time Suru thinks or feels like he has conquered peace or happiness for good, he ends up being wrong,” said Koko. “He ends up losing his peace. His happiness escapes and challenges him to keep on running after the goal.

“His road to happiness is filled with contradictions, and his search for peace seems endless. It is like a lifetime journey. Every time the roadblocks of contradictions show up, they force the train of Suru’s journey to stop for a moment.

“Fortunately, self-examination transforms that stop into the opportunity of a much-needed station [where] Suru pauses and takes time to evaluate the direction of his existential movement to find his lost peace.”

The book is volume one in what Koko hopes becomes a series that may help others find their “stations.”

“The path to peace could become nebulous,” he said, “but with the tool of self-examination, peace is likely to find you.”

The book is available online via Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers, or directly from its publisher, Balboa Press.

For more information call 410-543-6030 or visit the SU website.