SU Libraries MakerLab

The SU Libraries MakerLab is a place where visitors interested in a wide variety of technologies can come together to create, build, learn, and just have fun.

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We offer 3D printing and scanning, single-board computers and microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino, virtual reality, and much more. Visitors can come to the MakerLab to experiment with new technologies, build prototypes for personal or school projects, print replacement parts for all kinds of hardware, and learn from a community of makers interested in technology and design.

Everyone is welcome, from SU students, faculty, and staff to members of the wider community. No appointment is necessary, and friendly MakerLab staff will always be present to help you get started with your project and answer your questions. We are typically open every day of the week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Visit our hours page for our full hours.

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  • A photo of the MakerLab showing several tables with equipment on them and shelves of 3D printing filament.

We've Moved!

The SU Libraries MakerLab can now be found in GAC 118.

We are happy to announce that the MakerLab now has a new location, just around the corner from our old one. Our new space will allow much more room to work and provides opportunities for expansion. Come visit us!

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