COVID-19 Precautions Continue for Spring Semester

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Teaching Philosophy

Empowering others to follow their dreams, I find delight in inspiring others to achieve goals outside their self-imposed limits. Whether it's working with peers, college students, or underprivileged youth, seeing people do something they once thought impossible brings me joy.

One of my students described graduating from college as “exciting... yet terrifying.” How do educators prepare students to succeed?

My goal is to create an experiential learning environment that connects students with real-world learning opportunities. I promise my students at least one new item for their resume for each class they take with me. It is imperative to begin transitioning students to think critically and learn to work independently. Through projects in my classes, students learn that sometimes plans do not work as expected and that it takes creative thinking to prevent problems and conjure solutions. My classroom provides a safe environment for students to attempt new things, potentially fail, and still pass the class. Through structured self-exploration, networking, and real-world challenges, students gain the confidence necessary to create success.