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Kristen Cashman - Success Story

Kristin Cashman HeadshotMy journey through the Reading Specialist (REED) Program was full of incredible research opportunities. The most poignant research I conducted was a stand-alone project where I used an interactionist perspective to examine personal and environmental factors and their effects on an English Language Learner (ELL). As an educator, this research allowed me to investigate the home-school connection through an ethnographic lens.

With a well-planned home visit, parent interview, observation of a student in school and one-on-one interaction with the student, I gained valuable insight into the many factors that contribute to the successes and hardships of our ever-growing population of ELL students. Educational and literacy development of ELLs is multi-faceted and deserves in-depth research in order for educators to best meet the needs of this population.

Under the watchful eye of Dr. Laurie Andes, I was able to grow my professional knowledge. I welcome the opportunity to share the vital information gleaned from this research. Upon completion of my graduate program, I hope to be accepted into the University’s Doctor of Education program to further enhance my work with students.