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Master of Education Reading Specialist

Reading specialists are instructional leaders and advocates for literacy. The Master of Education (M.Ed.) Reading Specialist program at Salisbury University is a professional degree and certification program designed to prepare reading educators in instructional and leadership capacities for K-12 school settings. Developing an extensive knowledge base that is rich and thorough will enable the program graduate to assist struggling readers and to mentor colleagues.

Why Choose Reading Specialist at SU?

Theory and practice are complimentary throughout program course work at SU. Students who complete the M.Ed. Reading Specialist program are eligible for MSDE reading specialist certification. The program is aligned with national standards for the preparation of reading professionals, as established by the International Literacy Association and CAEP. It also reflects principles of Maryland’s Redesign for Teacher Education.

The curriculum promotes understanding of the relationship of all productive and receptive language processes in literacy development, as well as the factors that may disrupt that development. Through research and study, candidates become familiar with the knowledge base of the reading field. This knowledge is extended through action research projects in real classroom settings.

An essential element of the program is preparation to assess the literacy needs of individuals of all ages and to design appropriate instructional programs. Clinical practicum with individuals and small groups provide hands-on experience under the supervision of experienced reading professionals. Toward the end of their program, candidates also have opportunities to supervise the reading instruction of paraprofessionals and pre-service teachers.

Experiences with curriculum development and reading program organization are provided through course work. Candidates will have opportunities to prepare professional presentations and publications, and to take leadership roles in community literacy activities and political advocacy.

Meet Robert – M.Ed. Reading Specialist Student

Meet Robert – M.Ed. Reading Specialist Student

Find out how Robert has gained experience helping students one-on-one with reading through this program, as well as the knowledge to help his entire school.

Program Overview

For details on admission, program policies as well as the program requirements, visit the University's catalog:

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Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty is committed to helping their students participate in professional development at local, state and national levels.

Opportunities to explore issues related to student diversity and its impact on learning are emphasized throughout our program and through research conducted in the candidate’s classroom.
Joyce Wiencek, Ph.D. Department of Literacy Studies Faculty

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