Sara Jane Campbell - Success Story

Sara Jane Campbell HeadshotI am part of the one year, accelerated program cohort, and as part of my program, my cohort was asked to participate in an ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems simulation. This project entailed working closely with many faculty in the program.

Dr. Kathie Wright led the project as this was her course; Dr. Charles Boster and many others contributed as well. Salisbury University was invited to participate in a competition based solely on this ERPSim course!

Our group consists of many diverse, ambitious and passionate leaders. The M.B.A. program itself is highly flexible with both full-time and part-time students alike. Many professionals participate in both programs; they provide priceless life advice and build close relationships with students. The next steps for my cohort involve tackling our capstone course, which involves consulting for a small business in Salisbury.

I graduated from Salisbury in May of 2017 with an undergraduate degree in community health. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in hospital administration and become a leader in the field. SU has given me and continues to give me the skills and tools needed for the professional world. As a graduate assistant, I’ve been given countless opportunities to work closely with our faculty in leading and developing our undergraduate students. I’ve worked closely with the Mid-Atlantic Sales and Marketing Institute (MASMI) and with professors such as Dr. Judi Billups and Dr. Kirsten Passyn.

The M.B.A. Program has allowed me to challenge myself and my peers in order to meet the needs of the program and flourish in a more professional environment. I look forward to working on the capstone course as a team and hopefully providing a small business with advice that will help the business grow and increase profit.