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GMAT Test Preparation Assistance

To help you better prepare for the GMAT examination, the following resources may be of interest:

  1. The official website for the GMAT examination is your online source for all GMAT information. Click on the link “Take the GMAT” for additional links about registering for the exam, preparation assistance and the essentials of the GMAT exam.  Some of the preparation software is free to download, other products are available for purchase. 
  2. GMAT Test Prep Manuals-Available in any of the local bookstores or from online bookstores, GMAT test prep books provide you with a good math review, tips and tricks on preparing for the GMAT, plus practice tests.  Several companies sell GMAT prep books such as Kaplan and the Princeton Review.  Prices range from $30-$40.
  3. Internet and Search Engines-Go to your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.), type in the key words “GMAT practice test” and several online sites will appear that offer test assistance.  Use your best judgment to determine if you have linked to a quality website. Some useful sites are:
  4. Learning Express - Learning Express from PrepStep has provided a test prep service, which is free of charge to students. Below is the url for the website service and the username is 21801 plus the first nine (9) digits of your phone number. Finally, create your own password. 
  5. BEAT, the GMAT Blogspot, is a blog site that offers practical advice from people who have taken the GMAT on how they studied for the exam, what were helpful study aids and their impressions after taking the exam. 
  6. GMAT Test Preparation Courses:
    1. Face-to-Face classes are offered by several commercial providers such as the Princeton Review, Veritas and TestMasters; however, there are no commercial providers located in the Greater Salisbury region.  The prices of these courses vary by provider but range from $600-$1500.  The locations and schedules of these courses also vary by provider.
    2. Wor-Wic Community College offers an online, continuing education, non-credit bearing GMAT test prep course.  The price of this course is $99 ($44 tuition and $55 fee for materials).  Please refer to the Wor-Wic website below. 

The GMAT is offered in the Salisbury area at the Pearson Professional Center, located at 1315 Mount Hermon Road (in the Long and Foster Professional Building) in Salisbury.
Phone: 410-860-0650