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Third Year Students

Career Services Website is under renovation

We are currently working on updating the content on the Career Services Website. Some of the content may not be up to date. Please contact Career Services for the most up to date information.

Time to get out there! 

As you start your third year, please take a moment to review your key action steps from your first year as well as your second year to see how you are progressing. 

While it is important that you remain focused on acquiring the key experiences and must have skills now your focus also has to be on getting out there and finding opportunities to  apply what you are learning to the world of work with an internship if you are going to enter the workforce. 

If you are going to professional or graduate school, then it is time to start thinking about selecting a school / program and preparing for the process.  We have developed a graduate resource page just for you.

We also offer a career planning course that is ideal for second and third year students.

Career Service Celebration

Come and ring the gong!

If you have recently obtained a job, an internship or graduate school opportunity, we invite you to be a part of a tradition at SU to ring the gong and celebrate! Enter your information, and register.