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Second Year Students

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The journey continues avoid the “sophomore slump!”

Wow, that first year went fast didn’t it?  As you start your second year, please take a moment to review your key action steps from your first year to see how you are progressing.  There is still time to catch up!

If you are new to Salisbury, Welcome!  Please take a moment to review the first year action steps as well so you can learn more about how we can help you prepare for a successful life after Salisbury.

You need to stay focused on acquiring the key experiences and must have skills and start thinking about opportunities to apply what you are learning to the world outside of the University.

Hopefully by now you have established a relationship with your academic advisor and committed to a specific plan for your academics (your major).  If you are still struggling please utilize the team that is dedicated to helping you decide.

Be sure to consider taking our career planning course that is ideal for second and third year students.