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Make Tomorrow Yours at SU

Salisbury University is many different things to each of us – a welcoming campus that feels like home, hub for forward-thinking scholars, community partner, the starting point for a bright future. But what makes us who we are? The SU brand is more than a logo or marketing tool. The experiences others have with our campus are what define and connect us. Our stories and the way they are told define us in the minds of our audience. It’s not just how we look or what we say – it’s what we do together.

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We Are Tomorrow Makers

SU is home to inspired students and educators. We provide rich and plentiful opportunities that propel you forward and broaden your world view. We challenge ourselves to shape the future. Are you ready for tomorrow?

Our Brand Promise

SU is home to inspired students and educators, fostering rich opportunities and a broad world view to challenge ourselves to shape the future. We are the place where “tomorrow” begins.

This brand promise is made possible by a set of elements known as brand pillars. They provide structure and authenticity for the brand and drive compelling messaging. Within each pillar there are reasons to believe: the proof points that support that pillar. The University’s strategic planning and branding processes have articulated these brand pillars for SU:

Core Concept & Brand Character

“Salisbury University sets success in motion.” This idea is core to our brand, the centering idea that builds our character as an institution. To uphold this idea, these characteristics may be adopted into your messaging, but they don’t have to be explicitly seen or heard to be understood – they should be felt: Proud, Passionate, Supportive, Authentic, Inclusive, Focused on Excellence

Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is a consistently used, memorable statement that is meant to concisely capture the essence and brand of SU. Whether you’re tweeting on social media, giving a speech, having a student conversation or creating a webpage, here are some examples of how you can get the most power out of your Salisbury brand message:

Tell Your SU Story

SU is powered by the stories and accomplishments of an excellent and inclusive community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and many other partners. A brand helps us focus that power into a unified message that shows SU at its finest. We want to hear how SU helped shape your tomorrow. Email us your stories to

Using the SU Brand

The following guidelines and resources will help you correctly use the University brand and visual identity in print, electronic, social media and other communications. Introduce yourself to the University brand and help us tell the SU story.

Have a brand question? We want to partner with you to get the most from it. Learn more about what SU’s University Communications Team does. Contact us or enter online work tickets via the Creative Services and Brand Strategy Support Center or the University Communications Support Center to start your project today.

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Salisbury University: A Place for Tomorrow Makers

Salisbury University is a unique place – one that is powered by the stories and accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and others. We are a welcoming campus that feels like home, a hub for forward-thinking scholars, a community partner – and the starting point for a bright future. We are tomorrow makers. This one is for you, Sea Gulls!