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Sea Gull Alumni Alliance

Sea Gull Alumni Alliance

Are you looking to start an alumni group with your friends? Our Sea Gull Alumni Alliance is the perfect place for our alums to reconnect over a common interest, campus organization, geographic region, culture or shared identity. Check out our Alumni Alliance Leader Handbook and our Alumni Alliance Handbook to learn more about the program. Creating an alumni alliance is easy, and our office is excited to help you!

Purpose Of Sea Gull Alumni Alliance

The purpose of Sea Gull Alumni Alliance is to connect alumni with one another and their Alma Mater through programming that is geared to a specific population of alumni with a common interest while encouraging engagement and philanthropic giving to benefit students of Salisbury University.

Benefits To Alumni

Sea Gull Alumni Alliance groups enable alumni to stay connected to the university through:

  • social relationships
  • professional connections
  • relationships from alumni activities and interests
  • access to the SU community through enjoyable and meaningful activities
  • an enjoyable central hub as a source of pride and a place of welcome