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Alumni Association

Welcome to the Salisbury University Alumni Association! There is no membership fee. Please be sure to update your information with us so that you can connect with classmates and friends, receive information about events in your area and updates about your Alma Mater!


Active membership consists of those who have been awarded a degree or a certificate by Salisbury University (SU), Salisbury State University (SSU), Salisbury State College (SSC), Salisbury State Teachers College (SSTC), and/or Salisbury State Normal School. Associate membership includes those who have attended SU, SSU, SSU, SSTC and/or Salisbury State Normal School for at least two semesters.  Active and associate member are eligible to vote and serve on committees.

Honorary members are those who have received an honorary degree, or are active and retired faculty and administrators of SU, SSU, SSTC and/or Salisbury State Normal School.  In addition, individuals interested in the welfare of SU may be elected to honorary membership upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors and by majority vote of Association members who choose to vote. Honorary members are non-voting. 

Mission and Objectives

The purpose of this Association shall be to promote, assist, strengthen and support in every proper way the interests of SU and its work, and to establish relations mutually beneficial to SU, its students and alumni. The Association shall serve the alumni through programs, benefits and services. The Association shall represent the interests of alumni in developing and implementing the mission and policies of the University.

 The objectives of this Association shall be:

  • To develop and foster an abiding loyalty for SU;
  • To promote a professional and ethical spirit which will characterize SU alumni members;
  • To encourage active participation in all activities that pertain to the betterment and growth of SU;
  • To unite graduates and undergraduates in SU; and
  • To take such other actions as may be deemed appropriate to promote the interests and welfare of SU.