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Family Experience Portal (Campus ESP)

Have you signed up for the Salisbury University Family Experience Portal?

The Salisbury University Family Experience Portal, powered by Campus ESP, aims at keeping family members and supporters of SU students informed about all that our university has to offer while their student is here.

The Family Experience Portal offers a wide array of resources to its users. Some of the resources offered include but are not limited to: information for registering for our Family Webinar Series, articles containing SU’s latest news and a range of data pertaining to your student’s progress here at SU.

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Popular Resources on the Portal:

FERPA Connection: Family members can access their Sea Gull’s data through the FERPA Connection option. Family members can request access to their Sea Gull’s virtual data by requesting a connection through the portal. This will prompt a student to either accept or decline the request. Once the student grants access, family members can review said data. Additional instructions are listed on the homepage of the portal.

How to Request a Connection (PDF)

Family Webinar Series: Orientation, Transition & Family Programs partners with campus departments from across campus to bring you informative sessions at your fingertips. These sessions are held in a virtual format on the Zoom platform. Sea Gull supporters may register within the Family Experience Portal.

Email Newsletter: As an account holder of the Portal, users can opt in for an informative newsletter, which is sent via email as often as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurrences, based on the individual user’s preferences.