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Currently on display at the Guerrieri Student Union Art Space "Foundations" by Marley Parsons

Marley was born and raised in Berlin, MD. Since an early age, she has always been interested in painting, drawing, printmaking and photography. After taking art classes in high school, she felt a sense that art was what she was meant to make her career. She always has been particularly intrigued by painting and the endless possibilities of a blank canvas. Since becoming serious about her career in college, painting has become the love of her life. Marley is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. She intends to attend graduate school to receive a Master of Fine Arts. Her dream career is to teach art at the college level, while equally pursuing her studio practice as well.

Marley Parsons - "FOUNDATIONS"

Marley Parsons painting - "Don't let me forget" Dont let me forget
2018, 20 x 24 inches,
Mixed media on canvas,

My work is a representation of finding entirety within myself. Through the journey of finding myself within, the results of this progress are pouring out onto the canvas. Through each color, texture and line, I find myself referencing moments of gratitude from my memories. Whether these moments stem from my travels or those small everyday bits, the emotions I feel are absorbed into my studio practice. I am interested in the growth, patience, hues, time and the pursuit of mother nature. The movement of organic forms and chosen colors are a core factor to capture the emotions I intend. I yearn for the viewer to feel these moments or relate to a point in time of their own. I am highly influenced by Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Heather Day and Cy Twombly.

Admission is free and the public is invited.

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