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Currently on display at the Guerrieri Student Union Art Space "Ties" by Anona Orban


Anona Orban was born and raised in Gaithersburg, MD. She grew up knowing she was interested in art and started drawing at a very young age. She is currently a junior at Salisbury University working on her BFA in graphic design. She holds a special place in her heart for painting and continues to take classes. Orban hopes to one day get her master’s degree and be able to work in the graphic design world while also working on passion projects on the side. She’s looking forward to the future and seeing where her art will take her in the years to come.


Anona Orban

BFA in graphic design Salisbury University

I often combine a sense of nostalgia with wistfulness, but also add sinister hints to these moments.
Anona Orban Artist BFA in graphic design Salisbury University

In my work, I like to focus on the moments experienced in life. I take influence from my own life because I know it better than I know someone else’s. My memories and emotions are what is readily available to me to work with. My experiences are also what pushed me to want to make art in the first place. I like to conceptualize things and lay them out in a way where I can rationalize and make sense of what is going on in my own mind. It is a way of self-reflection for me. The result of this method are my soft yet sharp, dreamscape like oil paintings.

I often combine a sense of nostalgia with wistfulness, but also add sinister hints to these moments. Some of my work may appear inherently more cheerful than my other work while others may be more serious because I feel as if there is a mix of positive and negative times in a person’s life. I also wanted some underlying themes of mental health, as I deal with anxiety on an almost daily basis. It is important to recognize the good with the bad and be able to grow with it and accept it. I feel as if trying to push away our bad moments lessens the opportunity to be able to learn from them.

Admission is free and the public is invited.

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