Salisbury University students on campus

Facilities Policy

The Guerrieri Student Union is a part of the Salisbury University public institution. Thereby, all facility events and patrons are subject to state laws as well as rules and regulations of Salisbury University. The GSU reserves the right to cancel, without advance notice, any event not in compliance with these regulations. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the facilities and services to ensure that the event and patrons are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Questions concerning policies may be directed to the Director, Guerrieri Student Union. The GSU reserves the right to make judgments concerning facility usage that are in the best interested of the Guerrieri Student Union and Salisbury University.

For your Safety, security, and convenience, the Day Manager and General Assistants conduct periodic rounds throughout the facility. General Assistants must be able to enter all spaces at any given time. Therefore, doors to an event space must remain unlocked and free of obstruction while the event is in progress.

All persons using the Guerrieri Student Union facilities are to act responsibly and adhere to all Salisbury University facility policies and guidelines. Individuals that display disruptive, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave. All groups using the Center should become familiar with fire codes and safety policies when planning an event.

In the event of an emergency, patrons should call 911.

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