Unrecognized and Suspended Groups

On occasion, students may form groups or organizations that operate separately from the University’s approved structure for student groups and are therefore unrecognized by the University. These organizations typically choose to operate as an unrecognized student group because they are unwilling to follow University expectations and standards for membership, operation and adherence to the University’s rules of behavior. Unrecognized student organizations are not affiliated with the University and will not be listed anywhere on the University’s list of recognized student organizations or recognized fraternities or sororities. Unrecognized student groups receive no funding from the University and are not permitted to use any University facility for meetings or events, nor are they permitted to participate as an organization in any University events. The University provides no supervision, advising, or support to unrecognized student organizations. Students are strongly discouraged from joining or affiliating with any unrecognized student organization. The following are unrecognized organizations the University is currently aware are operating in the Salisbury area: