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Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

Chapter Scorecards

Chapters are assessed each year during the spring semester to update their “scorecard” information. On each scorecard, you will find tons of information about each chapter ranging from demographic information, to academic statistics, and even leadership awards they have been recognized for!

You will also find their SUCAP rank. SUCAP stands for the Salisbury University Chapter Assessment Program. Each spring, the chapters submit an overview of all of the programs, initiatives, workshops, and milestones that they have participated in throughout the academic year. They are then assessed based on the manual and rubric attached below and are scored on the following scale:

  1. Alpha Chapter
  2. Beta Chapter
  3. Gamma Chapter

Chapters that score at an Alpha Status are considered one of our best chapters. They have gone above and beyond the minimum requirements of SUCAP and have shown their dedication to be unmatched by their peers.

Chapters that score at a Beta Status are considered one of our stronger chapters. They have exceeded expectations and have shown that they care about the continued development of their chapter members.

Chapters that score at a Gamma Status are considered to have met all of the requirements set forth for them. They have completed all of our expectations and are considered to be in good-standing with the University.

All chapters must score at least a Gamma Status or better to remain recognized by the University. Chapters that do not score at least at a Gamma Status for two out of three consecutive years will risk losing their recognition from Salisbury University.