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Affinity Groups

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion supports affinity groups on campus providing access to modest funds, and offering logistical support or strategic guidance as feasible or desired.

Affinity groups are formed around a shared identity or common goal to build community among members of under-represented groups and to foster inclusion and awareness in the broader university community. Affinity groups can play an important role in fostering an inclusive campus environment, including contributing to efforts to:

  • foster inclusion and community through a support network of mentors, allies, and peers;
  • facilitate personal and professional growth opportunities;
  • educate the broader campus community on an under-represented group’s perspectives and concerns;
  • recruit and retain members of under-represented groups and their allies; and/or
  • advocate for policies and programs to meet the needs of members of underrepresented groups.

Each affinity group determines its own scope and priorities. To receive support and recognition from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, a group should be:

  • open to all Salisbury University employees (faculty, staff, and administrators);
  • have a clear sense of purpose, including a mission statement that contributes to the larger university’s mission and core values;
  • have a public presence on the ODI website;
  • and its meetings should be open

Affinity groups are not part of the formal governance structure (i.e., not a committee), but rather are sites of community engagement and formation. If you are interested in starting an affinity group, please contact to discuss the needs, viability, potential scope, and next steps.

Campus Affinity Groups