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University System of Maryland Nonresident Tuition Differential Exemption

For Eligible Maryland High School Graduates

As authorized under Annotated Education Code of Maryland § 15-­‐106.8


Any student, other than a nonimmigrant alien, within the meaning of 8 U.S.C. § 1101(A)(15), who meets all of the following requirements, shall be exempt from paying the nonresident tuition differential at all public colleges and universities in Maryland.


  1. Attended a public or nonpublic high school in Maryland for at least 3 academic years not earlier than the 2005-2006 school year;
  2. Graduated from a public or nonpublic high school in Maryland or received the equivalent of a high school diploma from the State not earlier than the 2007-2008 school year;
  3. Attended a community college in Maryland not earlier than the 2010 fall semester and met the requirements for the nonresident tuition exemption at the community college;
  4. Was awarded an associate’s degree by or achieved 60 credits at a community college in Maryland;
  5. If applicable, provides the institution with a copy of the affidavit submitted to the community college regarding the filing of an application to become a permanent resident within 30 days after the individual becomes eligible to do so;
  6. Provides to the institution documentation that the individual or the individual’s parent or legal guardian has filed a Maryland income tax return: for at least three years while the individual attended a high school in Maryland
    1. annually while the individual attended a community college in Maryland;
    2. annually during the period, if any, between graduation from or achieving 60 credits at a Maryland community college and registration at a Maryland public senior higher education institution; and
    3. annually during the period of attendance at the Maryland public senior higher education institution; and,
  7. Registers at a Maryland public senior higher education institution in the state not later than 4 years after graduating from or achieving 60 credits at a Maryland community
  8. If applicable, has registered with the Selective Service

Procedures for Requesting this Exemption from Nonresident Tuition

Your institution has established deadlines for submission of exemption requests; however, requests are not to be submitted until you have been admitted to a USM institution. Once you are determined to be eligible for the exemption, you will continue to receive it as long as you fulfill the eligibility requirements or until the University no longer offers this exemption. The exemption covers the Nonresident Tuition Fee and the Educational Fee differential charged to nonresident students. Applying for the exemption does not alter your responsibility to pay by the campus deadline any nonresident tuition and associated fees that may be due before your eligibility is determined. If you are granted the exemption, any differential will be refunded. For institution-specific instructions regarding documentation and deadline dates, contact the institution’s Office of Admissions.

Complete the exemption request prior to the first billing date of the term you wish the request to be considered. Requests, with all required documentation, should be submitted to:

Heather Saxmann
Salisbury University HH-226
P.O. Box 2195
Salisbury, MD 21802-2195