Salisbury University students on campus

Additional Documentation

There may exist circumstances that the Tuition Residency Office will request additional documentation from a student to assist in the review process. These requests may occur but are not limited to, appeals, lack of data on the initial domicile form and/or existence of conflicting data from another campus department (i.e., Financial Aid). The following list of items includes the types of documentation most frequently requested by the Tuition Residency Office:

  • Comptroller's copy of State tax return from two previous calendar years;
  • All leases spanning the previous twelve months;
  • Voter registration card;
  • Driver's license;
  • W-2(s);
  • Vehicle registration(s);
  • Permanent Resident card;
  • Current military orders;
  • Federal assistance papers (i.e., social security benefits);
  • Legal documents reflecting guardianship or emancipation.

The use of this information is limited to the scope of the review and is only requested if material to either the validation of the student's tuition residency status or their appeal. The review and access to this information is limited to the Tuition Residency Office's initial review and the appeal process.