Salisbury University students on campus

Accounts Payable Forms

Payment Request - Honoraria, Stipends, Consultants, Performers
This form is used for lecturers, speakers, presenters, workshops, training, program/grant evaluators, performers, consultants, photographers and etc.

X-9 State of Maryland Wire Payment Request
This form is used for foreign wire payments. This form needs to be completed by the vendor and needs to be signed by the vendor.

Refund Request
This form is used to refund persons for payments made to Salisbury University that have been cancelled or for overpayments. Send the budget receipt showing the payment made to Salisbury University along with the refund form.

Donation Request
This form is used by student organizations that have collected money and deposited in the Cashiers Office under their student organization department code. They send the donation form to our office to be processed with a W-9 for the vendor to be paid.