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Green Zone Advocate Training

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  • Green Zone is an initiative to support military-connected students by designating locations recognized as a “safe place.”
  • Participants are identified by a Green Zone emblem located outside their office door and/or their syllabus.
  • This is more than a professional development opportunity; it also is a way to be supportive to those who have sacrificed for others.
  • The program helps faculty and staff provide supportive services necessary to ensure that military-connected students are successful in their academic pursuits, adjust to the campus environment and eventually transition to civilian employment.


1. Supporters will start with  Module 1: About the Green Zone Program.  After reading this module they will answer a few questions regarding the information provided.

2. This self paced training provides seven modules to help you support military connected campus community members.  You may complete it all at once or break it down into smaller portions.  Again, this a self paced training to meet your schedule and availability.

3. After completing Module 7 supporters will receive a certification of completion and a sticker.  We hope that you will display this sticker to show that you support and are willing to assist our military connected campus members.

4. The Green Zone program is a continuous professional development opportunity.  As such, each semester supplemental articles will be added and communicated to past participants.  You will have continual access to this training and can review information at anytime. 

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