Salisbury University students on campus


Current undergraduate degree seeking students must meet with their advisors to register during Program Planning (pre-registration) and can change their schedules during the Open Enrollment period.

Returning students who were previously admitted as Degree Seeking and have missed a fall or spring semester will need to be readmitted before registering for classes. Submit the application, Readmission, with a photo ID to the Registrar's Office.

Guest/non-degree seeking students register during the Open Enrollment period by submitting a Guest/Non-Degree Registration form and photo ID.

Graduate students should check with their Program Director/Advisor for detailed information about enrolling in courses. Many departments require students to meet with their Program Director/Advisor before the student’s account will be activated for enrollment. Each program of study handles registration differently.

Incoming/First Semester undergraduate students will be provided registration information through the Academic Advising Center and graduate students will work with their program directors. They can make changes to their schedules during the Open Enrollment period.

For Additional Registration Information, please review the information below. If needed, students can find their departments’ contact information online, in the campus directory.