Salisbury University students on campus

Non-Degree Students


All degree seeking students CURRENTLY attending the University should register through GullNet for Students.

Students that were previously admitted as Degree Seeking that have missed a fall or spring semester and want to continue working on that degree will need to submit the Readmission Application to the Registrar's Office.

Guest Students, both Non-Degree Undergraduate and Non-Degree Graduate Students, will need to complete a registration form. Forms submitted prior to the start of the regular term (i.e. July for fall, January for winter and spring, March for summer) will be given priority. Non-degree students may not enroll in session two classes if they have not sent in their paperwork prior to the end of drop/add for session one. If you have not attended in the past year a Maryland Residency form is also required:

  • Registration Form
    If you want to register for a course that has prerequisites or needs special permission please contact the department chair to register for the course. The chair will need to sign the Add/Swap form to override the prerequisites or assign a permission number. Submit the approved Add/Swap form with a photo id to the Registrar's Office with your registration form.
  • Maryland Residency Form
  • Course Schedules

High school junior and senior students who are at least 16 years or older by the beginning of the college semester may concurrently enroll at SU. Learn more on Salisbury University's Dual Enrollment website.

Please make sure to pay special attention to all Payment Deadlines.