Salisbury University students on campus

Training & Education

Everyone who has access to data involving human subjects (collecting, analyzing, or accessing by position of sitting on a doctoral committee, etc.) must be listed on IRB protocols and complete required human subjects training prior to obtaining the approval of the IRB to conduct your research study.

Principal Investigators (PIs) must determine which training modules are appropriate for themselves, co-PIs, Co-investigators, and others named on the protocol. Salisbury University subscribes to CITI Program to support researchers in fulfilling the training requirement. The CITI training program is available, free of charge, to anyone associated with a Salisbury University protocol. Investigators may also submit NIH or related training from other institutions to fulfill this requirement.

The IRB Committee offers the following, general recommendations for training modules specific to disciplinary inquiries. In addition, please review the section regarding the IRB Committee’s recommendations for student investigators’ training modules. Researchers are encouraged to consider completing additional training modules at the discretion of their needs.