Ceremony Attire

Candidates for graduation must purchase and wear Salisbury University regalia, adhere to the regalia guidelines, and comply with related processes in order to participate in Commencement. Graduates choosing not to abide by the regalia guidelines will be asked to leave the assembly area and will not be permitted to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

Order Regalia

  • October 8 – 11

Order your Commencement regalia at the Graduation Fair at the Salisbury University Bookstore. Place your order for your gown, hood, and mortar board (cap), and order sashes and cords at this one-stop graduation event.

Purchase Regalia

  • November 12 – 15

All students approved for graduation who choose to participate in Commencement must purchase regalia at the graduation pick-up event at the Salisbury University Bookstore.  Candidates will receive guest tickets with the purchase of regalia at the Bookstore event.  Candidates are not permitted to use previously worn regalia or to share regalia with another graduate.

Student Regalia Pricing

Type of Regalia Price
Bachelor’s gown, hood, mortar board and tassel: $40.65 plus tax
Master’s gown, hood, mortar board and tassel: $42.75 plus tax
Doctoral gown, hood, mortar board and tassel rental: $64.00 plus tax
Doctoral tam and tassel purchase: $102.00 plus tax

Honor Cords for Latin Honors (undergraduates only)

Candidates for the Bachelor’s degree who earn Latin honors will receive an honor cord at no cost.  To be eligible for Latin honors, students must complete a minimum of 56 graded hours of work at Salisbury University, in which at least 30 hours of 300/400-level courses are completed with grades of A, B or C, and must meet the following grade point averages:

  • Cum Laude – 3.50 GPA - Maroon cord
  • Magna Cum Laude – 3.70 GPA - Maroon and white variegated cord
  • Summa Cum Laude – 3.90 GPA - Maroon and gold variegated cord